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Continued Sandy Springs chiropractic care helps keep back pain away.


Patients often ask how long they must come for chiropractic care at Cross Chiropractic Center. In the end, their relief decides this. For some the end of care is decided together, patient and the Sandy Springs chiropractor. For others, when the pain is . The patients make the decision themselves. And when there is no pain, it makes sense to quit coming. Only there may be a special factor to consider: If back pain is bothersome and prevents you from doing the things you want to do, continuing chiropractic care on a regular schedule (sometimes referred to as “maintenance care”) whether you are hurting or not helps. In a randomized control trial of 319 such patients, maintenance care dropped the number of days with pain in acute episodes and increased the length of pain-free days for patients with recurrent and persistent low back pain. (1) Back pain is not usually cured. It is like a bruise on an apple. It will not just go away. The bruise becomes a more susceptible part of the apple. With back pain, the no-pain period is certainly pleasant, and continued chiropractic care via a Sandy Springs chiropractic treatment plan set together can only help prevent more and/or more painful back pain occurrences. Some patients seek maintenance care after a few episodes of Sandy Springs back pain. Some set up a schedule right away to avoid starting over. Whichever patient type you are, Cross Chiropractic Center is the Sandy Springs chiropractic care partner to see!

Sandy Springs exercise helps patients with non-specific back pain and pre-back surgery patients though it is not often prescribed as much as opioids. 

Sandy Springs CHIROPRACTIC TIP OF THE MONTH: Exercise Benefits Before Back Surgery and for Non-Specific Low Back Pain

A 16-week study of supervised resistance training with varying low, moderate and high intensity exercise during the week benefitted patients with persistent non-specific low back pain. How? By making better pain, daily function and disability, energy level, muscle strength, sleep, and perception of physical activity as beneficial. (2) Those are encouraging outcomes! Unfortunately, in the year prior to back surgery, only 34.8% of back pain patients had physical therapy (PT), 34.1% experienced at least one PT visit with exercise, and just 14.6% had a minimum of 6 exercise therapy visits. 84.4% got at least one opioid prescription fill with a mean of 6.1 unique fills each. (3) Conservative, non-drug care including spinal manipulation and exercise are worthwhile pre-back surgery efforts. Cross Chiropractic Center is ready to do this with you!

Listen to this PODCAST with chiropractic back pain specialist, James Cox DC DACBR, developer of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management, and a PODCAST with spine surgeon, David Hanscome, MD, on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as they discuss the conservative approach to dealing with Sandy Springs back pain.

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